Smoked Enztal trout fillet

on fine creamy horseradish, with butter and toast8.80 Euro

Baked camembert

with cranberries and horseradish cream served with butter and toast8.90 / 7.40 Euro

Out of the soup pot

  • Ask for the soup of the day

  • we hope the translation ist good enough ?!4.50 / 3.80 Euro

French onion soup baked with croutons and cheese 5.70 / 4.80 Euro

small hot dishes

Classic toast "Hawaii"

topped with cooked ham and pineapple and baked with cheese 9.80 / 7.90 Euro

Roasted farmer's bread

topped with smoked ham, breaded pork cutlet and two fried eggs13.20 / 11.60 Euro

Strammer Max,

farmer's bread garnished with cooked ham and two fried eggs9.20 / 7.60 Euro

Vegetarian offer:

Fine colorful buttered vegetables

served with cream cheese filled potato pockets13.80 / 11.30 Euro

Egg pancakes

with homemade blueberry compote of fresh forest blueberries13.80 Euro

Potato rösti

topped with baked Emmentaler and mozzarella sticks with cranberries14.80 Euro

Buttered napkin dumplings

with mushrooms a la creme and salad from the buffet14.80 / 13.30 Euro

Fresh fish from the Enztal:

In Steamed black forest trout fillet with fine Riesling sauce

with potatoes and salads from the buffet17.60 Euro

Buttered filet

of salmon trout with mushrooms on cream noodles with various salads

from the buffet18.80 Euro

Fresh fillet of Enztalforelle

prepared to your choice

- "Müllerin style" fried in butter

- Fried in almond butter

We serve potatoes and salad from the buffet17.80 Euro

from the country:

  • Two fresh coarse sausages from our own slaughterhouseon sauerkraut with bread10.80 Euro

  • Young beef liver cuts "Berliner style" with apple slices, bacon and fried onions with fried potatoes and various salads from the buffet14.80 Euro

  • cheese noodles with onions, and fresh salads from the buffet12.20 / 10.20 Euro

  • Three fresh homemade Maultaschen (pasta squares stuffed with mincemeat in stock) with onion melt and salads from the buffet12.90 Euro

  • Boiled beef with horseradish and blueberry cream, fried potatoes and salad from the buffet15.20 Euro

  • Deer ragout with fresh cream mushrooms and blueberry compote, homemade butter spaetzle and colorful salads from the buffet17.90 Euro

  • Wish on your main courses with salad a second side salad we calculate this with3.00 Euro

The best of our butchery:

Rump steak

with homemade herb butter with fried potatoes and colorful salads from the buffet19.80 / 17.80 Euro

Turkey steak "Hawaii"

baked with cooked ham, pineapple and cheese with potato rösti and salad16.90 / 14.90 Euro

Breaded pork schnitzel

with french fries and salad from the buffet13.80 / 11.80 Euro

Veal schnitzel "Cordon bleu"

stuffed with cooked ham and cheese, with potato croquettes and salad from the buffet19.80 Euro


pork medallions in black forest ham coat on Swabian cheese noodles with salad from the buffet18.90 / 16.90 Euro

Roast beef

with onion, roasted potatoes and salads from the buffet18.40 / 16.40 Euro

Pork steak

with fresh cream mushrooms homemade Swabian noodles and salads from the buffet14.90 / 12.90 Euro

Black Forest Vespers specialties

Sausage salad with farmhouse bread, rich garnished8.20 / 6.70 Euro

Swiss sausage salad, with cheese and farmhouse bread8.60 / 7.10 Euro

Salted and cooked ox cheeks with farmhouse bread8.20 / 6.40 Euro

Tatar beefsteak, freshly prepared, garnished with butter and bread18.50 / 16.50 Euro

Bauernvesper with home-made sausage and smoked ham on the wooden board with bread9.90 / 7.90 Euro

Black Forest ham plate garnished with butter and farmhouse bread13.70 / 11.10 Euro

Farmhouse bread topped with Black Forest ham rich garnished8.50 / 7.10 Euro

Russian eggs with 3/2 eggs on meat salad garnished with farmhouse bread9.90 / 8.20 Euro

Farmhouse bread covered with Swiss cheese, garnished8.50 / 7.10 Euro




The smaller price behind the dishes is a ½ serving